Countdown to Blastoff

Meg and Ben CA BeachIf we have learned one thing in planning our Airstream sabbatical, it’s to look ahead with hope, and only share with the world about what’s *actually* happened. In the past year +, we have: bought a 1968 Airstream Safari; begun a shell off restoration; set our goal to to travel the country for a year or so; finished a shell off restoration with the help of some pros. Also, Meg quitFree pile her job; we sold a bunch of stuff (free pile pictured at left); found some awesome renters for our house, and vacation home/families for our kitties. Meg’s parents agreed to host us in their driveway for a few months while we finish the interior in So Cal–where we are headed shortly; Ben’s mom found us a parking lot to park in when we stop over in Dallas along the way. And, we’ve realized a thousand times how lucky we are. Check back to find out what happens next, a day or so after it happens. At least until we get into a groove. We’ll also post the occasional “retrospective” filling in some of the interesting and/or useful details that got us here, Barkers on Break.

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