An Ode to Cousins

cousinsIn a town called Albuquerque, in New Mexico,
Two little cousins reside, with their dog, Cleo.

There’s Bronwyn, spunky and full of glee,
A one-kid welcoming committee.

Then there’s Maeve, a leader in fashion and style,
she’ll make the trends list with her Nutella smile.

Their parents are doctors, saving patients all day.
Their au pair is a wiz at pancakes, pigtails, and play.

The adobe house is the perfect place to kick back,
After foot races and booby traps and seaweed snacks.

This travelling pair wished they could stay longer,
But fortified by family, hit the road even stronger!


Ben supervises Meg’s cousin Elizabeth’s daughters while they check out the Airstream. Cleo the dog considers her next move.