About the Barkers

Meg and BenWe are Ben Barker and Meg Steele Barker– hello to friends old and new! About us and this page: we met and married in Washington, DC. and eventually moved to the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay … Meg is a career educator, Ben retired from federal law enforcement. We LOVE American history, old/vintage/antique/generally cool stuff, and new experiences. We have seen a fair amount of the country, but usually by dropping into airports and cramming our explorations into a few vacation days. Not this time.

We slowly hatched this plan and are finally making it happen! We are taking the slow boat across America, taking time to savor the places and people we might never see or meet in the course of a week’s vacationAirstream Barkers 68 Safari. In keeping with Ben’s love of restoring things of any kind, our “slow boat” is a vintage Airstream travel trailer, built in 1968 and given new life by Ben during a comprehensive two-year restoration. So here we are – Ben’s retired, Meg quit her job, the cats are with loving foster families, the house is rented, and the cross country adventure begins summer of 2015. Where will it lead? Stick around.

10 thoughts on “About the Barkers

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  2. Hi (other) Barkers!
    I am also a Barker and I found your blog because we just bought an Airstream that we intend to fix up! We pick it up on Aug 1, it’s a 16′ 2006 Bambi Safari.


  3. Found you from your helpful reviews on Campendium. We are on a 3 month escape into the west in a 23′ ’73 safari ourselves. Good info will follow.

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